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Weather Scripts Supporting WD

Below is a list of scripts that support WD. Most are PHP based and used by many people throughout the world. If you know of scripts missing, add them, it is easy to do... Scripts by Ken True


Free Weather-Display Website Templates

   * AJAX/PHP multilingual templates (Canada, USA, World)

Forecast PHP scripts

   * NWS Forecast with icons (USA)
   * NWS Area Forecast Discussion (USA)
   * Environment Canada Forecast/Advisory (Canada: English/French)
   * WXSIM Forecast with icons - multi-lingual
   * WXSIM Forecast with icons RSS 2.0 feed multi-lingual
   * Wunderground forecast with icons - multi-lingual (non-USA, non-Canada)
   * UV Index forecast by lat/long (World)

Advisory PHP scripts

   * NOAA ATOM/CAP Advisory (USA)
   * NOAA ATOM/CAP Top Warning (USA)
   * NHC RSS advisory (USA)
   * SPC RSS mesoscale discussion (USA)
   * METEOalarm warnings (Europe)

Radar PHP scripts

   * Weather Underground Radar/Maps (USA)
   * GRLevel3 radar image PHP/Animation (USA)
   * NEXRAD Station status (USA)
   * Environment Canada Radar (Canada: English/French)

Mesomap PHP script

   * NDBC Buoy data mesomap

Geology PHP scripts

   * Earthquakes (USA, Canada, UK, World)

Image handler PHP scripts

   * Resize/Cache NexStorm, WASP2
   * Resize/Cache NOAA Image Of The Day

PHP Website Utilities

   * PHP Weather-Display Tags
   * PHP for CSS dropdown menus
   * PHP for thermometer graphic
   * Got PHP? Test it!

RSS Feed with Update info:

Weather PHP Scripts by Mike Challis


Many more to add...

Michiana Weather - Curly


More need to be added...

TNETWeather Scripts


WebsterWeatherLIVE Scripts


    * Alternative Ajax-Dashboard V4.20 for AJAX Weather-Display Carterlake PHP templates Message Thread
    * High/Low/Average Script V1.50 Message Thread
    * Main Scripts Download Page


    * WD Logfile Error Discovery Utility V0.60 Message Thread
    * Main Utilities Download Page

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