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A list of software for people interested in the weather or who use weather stations.

  • Weather Display   Weather Display software interfaces with dozens of different types of weather monitoring hardware and allows the data to be displayed on a local computer and published in a variety of formats, including the Internet, Weather Display Live, CWOP, APRSWXNet, XML, etc.
  • Weather Display Live   Weather Display Live presents the data from a Weather Display-based weather station in a Macromedia Flash interface with real-time data. Updates can be from every few seconds to several minutes.
  • WeatherMap Live   WeatherMap Live presents Macromedia Flash-based weather maps with near real-time data from thousands of weather stations on your Web pages.
  • WXSIM Weather Simulator   WxSim uses local/regional weather data and complex advection and other calculations to generate multi-day forecasts for your local area.
  • Digital Atmosphere Workstation   Digital Atmosphere Workstation is powerful weather analysis and plotting software that allows you to create detailed maps of real-time weather for anywhere in the world.
  • GRLevelX   GRLevelX, available in 3 versions, displays live NEXRAD radar on your local PC, and can post your customized display to the web. It can use the free NWS NEXRAD data feed or you can subscribe to the Allison House feeds which offer additional supplementary data, including real time lightning.
  • RealMeteo   RealMeteo, a little application for windows that is an automatic forecast picture browser. It works reading an online database, and can show many places, sat pictures, forecast websites, webcams and more weather related web resources.